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Wordpress Auto Spinner – Articles Rewriter – CodeCanyon Thing available to be purchased
WordPress Auto Spinner revises WordPress posts consequently by changing them over completely to new and unique substance by supplanting words and expressions with their equivalents on autopilot utilizing its implicit equivalent words data set or alternatively utilizing one of the most remarkable turning administrations APIs including:-

  1. SpinRewriter API
  2. WordAi.com API
  3. TheBestSpinner.com API
  4. SpinBot.com API
  5. ChimpRewriter API
  6. ContentProfessor.com API
  7. smodin.io Rewriter API [NEW] -[any language] -[free plan available]
  8. SpinnerChief.com API *[ This spinner is not good, better don’t use ]
  9. Espinner.net API *[ Spanish only ]

Languages Supported: english flag English Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 1 Turkish

other supported languages: *but generates lower readability quality results (NO guarantee for the quality click the language to check a sample of the synonyms)

Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 2 German Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 3 Italian (Beta) Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 4 French Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 5 Spanish Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 6 Portuguese Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 7 Romanian Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter - 8



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Change Log (WordPress Auto Spinner)

Version 3.0.1 Updated 4 April 2022

Mobile APP
-Design Improvements 
-Images loading speed Improvements
-Currency symbol implement in-app purchase

Version 20.4 Updated 7 December 2021

-Android Files
        1. Bug Fixing
        2. Improvements
        3. Admin panel likes Per Day & Super like per day [NEW]
Version 20.3 Updated 25 October 2021

-Android Files
        1. Bug Fixing
        2. Improvements
Version 20.3 Updated 3 August 2021

-Android Files
        1. Design Updated
        2. API Updated
        3. Admin panel Updated 
Version 20.2 Updated 1 July 2021

-Android Files
        1. Design Updated
        2. API Updated
        3. Admin panel Updated 
        4. Many new features are coming in next update
Version 20.1 Updated 22 September 2020

-Android Files
    1.Library updated for new android studio versions  
Version 20.1 Updated 28 April 2020

-Android Files
    1.Voice Calling [New]
    2.Video Calling [New]
    3.Arabic RTL [New]

For more information Visit
Version 20.0 Updated 12 Feb 2020
-Admin panel
    1. SuperLike
    2. Boost
    3. Only show first name
    4. Premium packages
    5. See who Likes you
    6. Control Age and Distance

For more information Visit
Version 17.8 Updated 24 Oct 2019
-Admin panel
    1. Add quick installer
-Mobile API
    1. Add quick installer
    2. Fixed admin panel change password
    3. Fixed User visibility

For more information Visit
Binder Dating clone App v17.7
- Discover Setting once users profiles are finished 

Binder Dating clone App v13.9
- API/index.php MyMatch function updated

Binder Dating clone App v13.7
- Add fake profiles
- Make a Match with other users and start chat 
- Real-time inbox via web portal

Binder Dating clone App v13.7
- Change location feature

Binder Dating clone App v13.5
- Chat message seen time zone issue fixed
- Fixing in API file update API (index.php), it will not affect your app functionality
- Under review pictures issue is fixed (changelog update API/index.php & reviewPictures.php)

Binder Dating clone App v13.4
- Design improvements on profile Details Screen
- Now you are able to see profile details by clicking on the profile image
- Spanish text fixed, API file index.php (API/index.php Modified)
- No need to remove anything from firebase & SQL Database binder Versions are stable now

- we have added a new feature in our admin panel in which you can see all the uploaded images which are uploaded but not review by admin. by this feature, you can avoid
  pornography or spam images. you can approve and delete those images
- Replace our portal files with your portal files and don't update/replace config.php its same
- Now you can block the user and unblock user from admin panel
- Now you can send push notifications to all of your users who installed your app

Binder Dating clone App v13.3
- Fix Admin panel Profile pictures are not showing (API/index.php & Portal/ajex-events.php Modified)
- Optimize images sizes and images loading speed. (Changelog txt file attached in source code)
- Now able to rearrange 1st image to change the profile picture of binder Account

Binder Dating clone App v13.2
- Fix Admin panel Profile pictures are not showing (API/index.php & Portal/ajex-events.php Modified)

Binder Dating clone App v13.0
- Bug fixes and Performance Improvements

Binder Dating clone App v12.0
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.0.1
- Add Login with Google
- Add Login with Phone Number
- Add Unmatch Feature
- Add Block feature - user can block other users
- Add Delete Profile - user can delete his profile from the app
- Add Privacy Policy and Terms and condition links
Admin Panel
- Add change Password - admin can change adminpanel password through admin panel

Binder Dating clone App v7.0
Admin Panel
- Add In-app Notification with Action
- Flag Users
Admin Panel
- Now admin can see reported users and blocked them

Binder Dating clone App v6.0
- User can see his own profile details by clicking on his profile
- Fix Push Notification
- User will be able to rearrange pictures in his profile
- Edit Date of birth
- Edit School/College 
- Edit Work/Company
- Edit Job Title

 Binder Dating clone App v3.0
- Add Send a voice message
- Fix repeated profiles after swipe
Admin Panel 
- Showing purchase’
- Show User App Version
- Show Device (Android/iOS)
- Show User Privacy (Yes/No)
- User (Block/Unblock)
- Users Inbox

 Binder Dating clone App v2.1
- Design Improvements 
- Fix Bugs

 Binder Dating clone App v2.0
- Design Improvements 
- Fix Bugs
- Age range filter
- Distance filter
- Age range filter


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