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The Video Editor – Fast & Easy is a software designed to facilitate video editing processes. It offers a wide range of editing features such as video cropping, addition or removal of watermarks, video compression, photo extraction from videos, audio addition or removal, video to GIF conversion, video to MP3 conversion, slow and fast motion effects, video trimming, and video reversing. With these tools, users can edit their videos efficiently and with ease.

Edit Features:

To edit a video using this video editor, simply select your preferred video from your phone’s gallery. Once you have chosen the video, you can long-press on the desired part of the video to add effects. You can also select filters, video ratio, and stickers to enhance your video’s visual appeal. The stickers come with a variety of font styles and attractive colors, allowing you to personalize your video even further. Additionally, you can add your favorite audio to your video, adjust the volume, and trim it to fit your desired length. Once you have made all the necessary changes, simply save the edited video.

Main Features of Video Editor – Fast & Easy:

  • The Video Editor – Fast & Easy is a comprehensive video editing tool that offers a variety of features to enhance your videos. These features include cropping the video to the desired size, with various cropping options such as Custom, Square, Portrait, Landscape, 3:2, 5:4, 7:8, and 16:9. Additionally, you can remove any symbols or watermarks from the video, or add text or sticker watermarks with various fonts, colors, and 3D shadow effects.
  • The video compressor allows you to compress any selected video within the app, with options to select the bitrate from low, medium, and high, and choose the resolution. You can also extract photos from your video with a single click, and add or remove audio from the video as desired.
  • The app also features a video to GIF converter, allowing you to choose a video from your phone’s gallery, select the quality and frame rate, and save it as a GIF. Similarly, the video to MP3 converter extracts audio from the selected video and prepares an MP3 file of the extracted audio.
  • The slow-motion and fast-motion effects can be added to the video, with options to set the speed of the video transition and save it accordingly. You can also trim your video as per your desired length, and convert the video into a reverse motion.
  • All in all, Video Editor – Fast & Easy is a complete package for video editing, offering various features to enhance your videos with ease.

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Quick Video Editor Pro – Fast and Easy Video Editor – Video Maker Pro – Video Effects – FX Video


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