Ultimate Elite Quiz Made with Flutter

Elite Quiz with more premium features, an advanced coding style, a new design, more security, easier to build + many more…

Beautiful & Well Designed Layouts

Elite Quiz made with key principles of a beautiful, effective, and simple-to-use UI design + Lottie animation, Shimmer effect & material component theme

Beautiful Onboarding Experience

The On-Boarding Experience is very important in every application, as it sets The first impression here we are not going to miss that.

Guess The Word

Guess the word is a fun vocabulary game this is a great way to practice reading, Spelling, and reviewing vocabulary all at the same time.


FUN ‘N’ LEARN is a kind of comprehension that refers to your ability to understand something or your actual understanding of something within a short time period.

Battle Quiz

Battle Quiz is an interesting game where users can compete against others and win coins. The coins can be easily converted into cash, which allows users to earn money by playing the game. There are three different types of battles available in the app: Random battle, One-to-One, and Group Battle Quiz.

Group Battle IT’s A Group Quiz Battle

Opponents can join via room code, it will be more helpful if you want to Deal with only Friends, Family, or your nearest or Dearest one!

Contest Quiz

Quiz contest gives participants the to earn more coins by answering questions on one or more topics.

Self Challenge

Self-Challenge allows the user to challenge himself by getting their own time, categories & no of questions they want to add.

True & False

This is a unique & different format to explore quizzes and a way to quickly answer with YES/NO format.

Quiz Zone

To Get access to all questions with possibly all filters by Category, Sub Categories, or levels.

Daily Quiz

It will help you to get more engaged with customers daily basis.

Multiple Language with RTL Support

For any quiz app, the most important part is the content language, Elite Quiz Support Multi-Language both end app and backend.

Invite & Earn Coin

Bookmark & Read Questions


Get exciting rewards by unlocking badges

Powerful Admin Panel Made With Codeigniter

  • To manage Categories, sub-categories & category order
  • To manage Daily Quiz
  • To manage Fun ‘N’ Learn
  • To manage CONTEST
  • Manage and view the Leaderboard
  • To Manage to Guess the Word
  • To manage dynamic language
  • User section with user data


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Project Done04/18/2023